My Final Post in Rome…

I can’t believe the day is here: the day I write what will be my last post from my beautiful Roma..

The toughest part of this is finding the words to describe what this semester has meant to me. Just as photos have never done this place, and others, justice; words will never capture my experience in a way that anyone else will be able to understand. I know the people who have now completed this program alongside me will have an idea. But this semester has been such a personal journey, that I will never be able to do it justice through words. But here is me giving it a shot..

When I got here my first day, I wanted to run right back home.. I remember feeling terrified. Upon arrival, it was nothing but stress and more fear. I couldn’t help but ask myself once things got settled that first day, “What in the hell are you doing here? You can’t do this.. but don’t have a choice anymore.”

People told me that I would change over the course of this semester and my God, were they right. What did I learn? Well for starters, that I can tackle anything. As the semester went on, I faced more and more challenges that I never would have imagined I could have tackled. But I did; we all did. The sense of accomplishment that I have felt since day one has been overwhelming. To be able to say that I did this, with the help of my friends here of course, but on my own, is so rewarding. I moved to a foreign country where they speak another language. I learned about their culture and their ways. I learned the city and can easily call it my home. I hopped on planes, buses, and trains that took me to places I never would have thought imaginable. I did it. I made it through.

The memories I have made here have been some of the greatest I’ve ever had. And I owe the majority of them to the people who have made this the best 3.5 months of my entire life.

To the friends of Temple Rome: thank you for getting me through with a smile on my face. I hated some of my classes but I made some awesome memories while sitting in a basement getting ink all over myself, in the most awkward art history class of my life, in the worst drawing class where nothing I did was ever right, and sitting in the mud while I paint one of the most romantic spots I’ve ever been to (as my roommates get their brushes stolen by a bird). I did a lot of smiling amidst the stress and frustration and that’s what I’ll take from this. Thank you guys..

To the amazing and beautiful girls of Giannone. We took a risk by moving into an apartment. I went in not really knowing you guys all that well and I was scared to death that we were living on our own.. From the first moment when the damn landlady was babbling on in Italian while we looked on with blank stares, to our exploration of Italian television, our first dinner (and that amazing bread we never found again), our first night out…. no comment…, me yelling at you guys daily to wipe the damn counter, of course all of our adventures in Rome and all the “Where’s Courtney”s, all the way to where we are now, we have come a long way and I am so blessed to have had you guys to share this experience with. Mariya, Courtney, Kristina; I love you guys..

Now for the friends, old and new, who have become my family. I wasted a lot of time at the start of this and it was when I met all of you that things really changed and picked up for me. Started with the greatest 10 days of. my. life. Spain was a game changer, as we well know and I owe so much of my happiness here to each and every one of you. I think about leaving tomorrow and my heart breaks. Yes, it has to do with leaving Rome itself and all the galavanting through Europe… and of course the living like 21 year olds should 😉 But it’s the thought of never having things the way they are right now that makes it break the most.. But as I was sitting through my first meltdown today from thinking about having to leave, moments from this experience flashed through my mind. By the time I was ready to get back up and continue my day, I had a smile on my face (don’t be fooled, I was still weeping haha) and I have you all to thank for that. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have been so fortunate to have spent this time with such an amazing group of people. So to each and every one of my new family members: Charlotte, Nickee, Kelsey, Brandon, Corey, Ian, Papi, Joe, Kristen, Miranda, Leah, and Margeaux, I love you guys and really.. thank you ❤

People have been asking me what my favorite part of being here has been… It’s really impossible to say.. I have loved the travelling, my friends, the art, the partying, but my favorite part of this all is simple…

I have never said ‘I love my life’ so many times in such a short period.

I have never been so consistently happy and as a result of these past few months, I have a brand new lease on life.. I am young. I am independent, and this is my time to live it up. My biggest fear is going back to the States and never finding this kind of happiness again, but Rome has left enough of an impact on me to inspire me to find it.. no matter what it takes.

I have changed; people were right… I have become a stronger, more driven individual with a new passion for life.. and living it to its fullest. I have become a better version of myself.

My last thank you goes to Roma. Thank you for opening my eyes to show me the potential that has been living within me for 20 years… Thank you for letting me call you home.

I know I’ll be back someday; I’ll make sure of it…

Buonanotte Roma. and ‘fucking ciao’. xoxo ❤


Day 79 – Rome is treating us well today

Greetings from a crappy blogger who was once good!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day here in Rome. Not only was it warm, it was.. wait for it.. SUNNY! I had one of my art filled mornings here in lovely Roma. My art history class went to the Borghese Gallery and I finally got to see some pieces I’ve waited for a while to see. I was really excited to see Bernini’s “David”, which is probably my favorite version of it, no offense Michelangelo!!

In addition, I got to finally see the Pluto and Proserpina sculpture by Bernini. What an absolutely breathtaking piece. For those of you who have never seen it, look it up. What Bernini does with it is beyond words. You are able to forget that it is marble and get a sense of real flesh. It’s a masterpiece. Awe-inspiring, really.

I made my way to the school so I could check into my flight to… wait for it.. (again – so much waiting forced upon thee today)…. AMSTERDAM!!!! I can’t believe that it is finally here. It just goes to show how incredibly fast this has all gone. My birthday is one week from tomorrow… what the hell???

Anyway, it’s unreal and I am VERY excited for Amsterdam… not looking forward to coming back to the hardest week of this semester yet… but then I have my birthday and Amalfi to look forward to before heading into finals and coming home.

The rest of my day has been nice. Got a nice ego boost while I was making my lunch. Was singing, forgot the windows were open, finished the song, and then came the applause from outside my apartment in the courtyard from two hot Italian men. I was joking with Charlotte and said it’s even better because they were clapping BEFORE they saw what I looked like. It was really nice. I miss singing and dancing.. a lot. so I’m trying to get back into it, if only during alone time in my apartment (or when forced to by friends).

The night has revolved around doing some work, making a bangin dinner, and taking a nap… not the most exciting ending to this post, but hey, at least it is something!! I have to attempt to get more work done tonight and I really need to pack for this weekend. We are leaving kind of early tomorrow, since we are going to the larger of the two airports in Rome and it is a little further away/takes longer to get through.

Here is to what I am sure will be a good night (no sarcasm, actually) and an awesome girls’ weekend in Amsterdam. Birthday part 1, here I come!

Day 70 – Florence and a little extra

So this weekend was spent in beautiful Florence. Unfortunately, for about a week or so now, I have been sick with a cold. So this weekend wasn’t as pleasurable as it could have been because I was hacking up a lung and got drained really fast. Luckily the nightlife in Florence is practically nonexistent, so I wasn’t missing out on too much.

The art was out of this world. I found myself face to face with some of the pieces of art I have been looking at since high school: first of all, the David. Oh my good lord was that breathtaking, then the rest of the Davids (Verrochio and Donatello), Judith Slaying Holofernes, Birth of Venus, Springtime, Ghiberti’s Bronze doors, and of course, the Duomo. The list goes on. Florence is chock full of artwork and it was an honor to finally be in their presence.

It was great to spend a couple nights in a hotel, especially after only being in hostels every time I have traveled while being here. The city was beautiful, though I didn’t have the same reaction that friends and family had about it all. After living in Rome for 2 1/2 months now, not much surprises me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Florence, but it was not as magnificent as people led me to believe. I’ve seen Rome in a different way than people visiting for a day or a week. This has become my home and it’s one that I love. Plus Florence was FAR too touristy for me. I never thought I would be the one wishing for more locals, but I found myself feeling that way when we were there. EVERYONE spoke English and, as nice as that is sometimes, it took away from the experience.

Nonetheless, it was a really nice weekend and one I won’t forget, but I was happy to come back to Rome. It was also the first time I came back from a trip and wasn’t homesick for the States. Usually on the flight back from a place, I wish I was going home home, but this time was different. Leaving this place in 33 days is going to be hard. 

Rome has made such a difference in my life. Everything I have experienced has.. It has been the epitome of you never know what’s going to happen. If I had to pick one word to describe this whole thing, it would be unexpected. In every aspect, Rome has twisted each and every expectation and it has changed my outlook on life. 

I am getting into a very busy time in my semester as we come to the final weeks, so I need to be on the ball with things. Tonight is about finishing up some homework for class tomorrow and working out a first draft of a to-do list to put things into perspective. 

Until my next entry, ciao tutti. ❤

Day 66 – Spring Break – to a point…

It seems I am failing at this blogging thing, not quite as bad as my wife, but it has been a while since I last blogged. I had one random post, but its been 20 days since anything regarding my experiences and travels. Whoops.

I wanted to dedicate a separate post to my Spring Break, but it seems what happened over break is better left mostly unsaid. I say that for nostalgia purposes. We got rid of some videos during some of the most amazing moments for the mere fact that it is never supposed to be revisited. This is how powerful my break was. The memories are enough to last a lifetime. 

We started in Seville, which was beautiful – much smaller than I had anticipated. We did the tourist thing and saw parts of the city. But each day was about wandering, relaxing, and finding the next great place to eat. The economy in Spain is crap, so food in Seville was dirt cheap. But even more important than that, it was the best food any of us have ever had. The entire time I was there, I ate out for at least 2 meals a day and only once was I unhappy with my food. It seemed as though we were all just waiting for the next time we could eat, and I am not even exaggerating. 

Seville was the start of quite a few game changers for me.. There was drama, as there always is, but it didn’t take long to remember that this is my time. I am 20 (almost 21 now!!) and living in Europe. I’ll be damned if I let anyone make me unhappy. 

There was a lot of welcomed down time in Seville, which none of us had a problem with. We would all congregate on the rooftop of our hostel with a few beers and our new hookah to sit back, relax, and just bask in every second we had. We eventually (and sadly) left Seville to head to Barcelona. 

Barcelona was literally all about the nightlife. I didn’t get to see nearly enough of the city, but I ended up being okay with that. We spent some time wandering, which I was happy about. The hostel provided 3 meals a day, which we took advantage of to the best of our ability. Seville spoiled us with food, so we were okay with not indulging in a more expensive city. 

I had already been having an amazing time, but Barcelona brought it to new levels. I had so many moments where I took a step back and just took it all in. When I did, I couldn’t help but smile at it all. I saw the AMAZING people I was with and how incredibly happy everyone was and it just made me absolutely LOVE life. 

In Barcelona, I was able to experience the greatest day of my life thusfar. It began at midnight upon our arrival at an all-night rave, Abroadfest. We danced the night away, loving and living every single second of it. The company was perfect and the atmosphere, though annoying since it was packed, was unreal. There wasn’t a single person without a smile on their face. I had so many “moments” during that night that I know I will never forget as long as I live. The night ended an hour and a half earlier than we expected, which ended up only making our night better (colder, yes, but better) in the end. We moved out to the beach with the rest of the people from the club (ps the club was on the beach) and assumed our position that we’d stay in for the next couple of hours. 

There were six of us by the end. Wearing practically nothing, of course. We were dressed for a hot club, not sitting outside on the beach at night. We were cold, huddling for warmth, and waiting for what would be the best half hour we would ever have. To interject as a hopeless romantic, I was lucky enough to be in the arms of someone unexpected and amazing, making it so much better, in my opinion. We stood up and moved to a better spot towards the end and stood in a line as we watched the sun rise over the ocean in Barcelona. It was breathtaking and no one said a word for a bit. 

When the silence was broken, it was to comment on how absolutely perfect this moment was.. We were “the six who stayed” from that moment on.. We eventually made our way to the boardwalk to head back to the hostel. The sun was up and it was warm, so walking home sounded perfect to us all. 

I was so incredibly happy with where I was from the moment we sat down to our walk home.. Along our walk home, we met a guy who was sitting on a bench on the boardwalk with his guitar and, after a short conversation with him, we moved back into our line to take one last look at what was in front of us.. This man was the cherry on top. He played a soft song on his guitar and began singing as we just held one another and stared out at the beautiful sunrise. It was something out of a movie and it was completely spontaneous. 

I could talk about Spring Break for hours. There was so much that happened and so much left it’s mark. I needed everything that happened during those ten days. It gave me a renewed sense of love for life. I realize how cheesy this all sounds, but it was surreal and beautiful. I vowed that from that moment on, I would live up every second I have left of this experience, which is slipping away fast. I am the luckiest girl in the entire world and that trip alone changed me.

I will never EVER forget the people I was with for that trip. Granted, I am seeing much more of them now that we are back in Rome (thank God!!) so we are making even more memories, but really. They will always be a part of one of the best moments of my entire life.  One of the moments imprinted in my mind is being in the club, looking around at each person, and seeing the ear-to-ear smiles that was on everyone’s faces. In those moments, of which there were many, we were all doing what we are meant to do with our lives. We were loving and living up every single moment of it. 

It was beyond words.. I feel so incredibly lucky and so. incredibly. happy.





The Six Who Stayed ❤




Day 58 – Just need to say this..

So I realize it has been a WHILE since my last post. Things have been a little busy for me. I had spring break, as we all know, and that was followed by a few days of catching up with work and sleeping; not to mention, I’ve been under the weather since I got home.

But I wanted to write because it seems as though I have a flood of emotions rushing through me. These past couple of weeks have been out of this world. I hit a rut a few weeks back and was feeling like things were getting far too mundane for me to really enjoy myself. Spring break came at the perfect time. I spent the best 10 days of my life with a group of absolutely amazing people. Yeah, there was drama, but it was nothing in comparison to all of the wonderful things going on around us. My life was something out of a movie. The memories I made were ones I will never forget. Of course I am going to make a spring break post, but I am just too tired for it at the moment.

I sat there thinking to myself, “how could things get any better?” Tonight. I stood out in the rain for two hours, saw the new Pope, and witnessed the most moving moment of silence I will ever be a part of.

Again, there will be more on these subjects in other posts, but as the title of this one says, I just need to say this…

I am so incredibly happy.

As my photos can never capture the beauty of my subjects here abroad, words cannot express the insane amount of pure joy that is rushing through me right now. I have to actively sit down and remind myself that this is all happening. All of this is real. I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to have this opportunity and I plan on making every second of the rest of my time here count. There is so much heading my way and I am welcoming it with open arms.

I think of how happy I am and tears come to my eyes. I know this all sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth. It would be foolish of me to continue to forget what a blessed opportunity this is for me and essentially waste more time not loving every single second of it.

I will get my posts up this weekend. I am not travelling, though I am playing tourist with wifey this weekend at some point. But for now, I just needed to get this out. I am so happy. and not afraid to tell the world.

Day 46 – Off to Seville!

This is going to be a quick post, considering I just wrote a ton about my trip to Paris. Today is the day we officially head to our Spring Break destinations! Every time I go on a trip like this, I get a little nervous. But I am also feeling really proud of all of us. We are just a bunch of college students living in a foreign country and spending as much time as we can afford traveling to different locations and seeing what this world has to offer.

I will be spending the first 5 days of break in Seville and then flying to Barcelona for the remaining days. I get to spend some time with a different group of friends, wifey included of course, and it’ll be very refreshing. I am just ready to have some fun. Not to say I haven’t been having fun, of course. But this is a break from classes (aside from the ridiculous amount of work I got for this time off from my damn teachers) and a chance to let loose.

I have the “wish you were here” blues as I seem to have every time I travel. They won’t hold me back, but I know, as it was with Paris and Venice, I’ll have my moments when my mind goes to my loved ones and I will wish they were doing this all with me.

Nonetheless, I am excited and don’t quite know what to expect. Won’t have my laptop with me, but I know the hostels have computers and Wifi, so I will be around.

Here is to the best spring break ever!!!! ❤

Paris Part 2!

The inside was absolutely magnificent. Unfortunately we were frozen and already feeling the tiredness settling in. Those feelings were cast aside with one view of the stained glass and the Rose

Window. The chapel isn’t large, but it is rich with absolute beauty. We took some photos and marveled at the interior, realizing the money we spent on the ticket was well worth it after one look at everything.

The next stop on our list was Notre-Dame and we were able to just walk there. It was a huge square filled with people and they even had a huge structure for seating that we were able to stop and relax at to just take in the sight. We wanted to go in, but due to time constraints and the growing line (also the possibility of another admission price), we decided just to relax and enjoy it from outside. We were successful. Our day was improved when we got a hug from one of the “free hugs” people. He was tall and cushy and gave fantastic hugs. It was nice to think that this person, who probably couldn’t even speak English, was just standing there giving people hugs and making their days a little bit better.

After Notre Dame, we walked towards the metro that would take us to the.. wait for it.. Eiffel Tower. But we stopped along one of the bridges and, after taking a few pictures, just stood there in silence taking it all in. It’s a reason I enjoy traveling with Charlotte. Twice now I can remember us have both stopped to just take it in. I do it often, so being with someone who appreciates those moments as I do is really nice. Before I left for Paris, I got very upset. A few tears ensued if I am being honest. I often think that this all isn’t fair. It isn’t fair that I am the only one getting this opportunity and can’t help but constantly think about how much I want the people who mean the most to me to be here and in all these locations.

It was absolutely beautiful and in my head I could just imagine the reactions from my parents and in that moment, I wanted them there more than anything. It isn’t fair. But as a friend told me, I need to enjoy this for them and since that was said, I’ve been doing things with that in mind.

We stopped in a few stores and looked around before getting on the subway. After we got off the subway and were headed in the right direction, we came across a flea-market-esque thing under a bridge running all the way down the street, so we said what the heck and made our way through. I was very lucky with this trip to Paris. We ran into a lot of “little” things like this. They were things not everyone experiences when they play tourist and it made the experience special.

Then we got there: The Eiffel Tower. It was amazing. We walked right up to the side of it after meeting and American woman who was asking us about our trip. She was nice enough to give us some kind words “from our mothers” about having a wonderful time, but being safe. It was cute. At this point, however, Kitty needed a bathroom. I won’t go into the details. But it was the most frustrating chore I have had in a while. It took forever and I had to give up on it for a bit while we got our nutella and banana crepes and ate them in front of the Eiffel Tower. We made our way back and finally found a bathroom.


When that was over, we got on line to make our way up the tower. It was a long wait and we were surrounded by literally ALL couples.. what a joy that was the day after Valentine’s Day. -___- The sun had set and the Tower lights were put on. We even got to be under it when the lights began flashing and sparkling. It was beautiful and unreal. Going up was a lot of fun, until Charlotte mentioned Tower of Terror haha. But really. We got off at the second level, took in the beautiful sights and had a hot chocolate in the Eiffel Tower. So lucky.DSCN0985DSCN0998

Our next stop was seeing our friend Skye, who is studying in London at the moment, and was visiting Paris the same weekend. It was only a couple hours, but we had some wine, cheese, and were able to see our amazing friend.The view from the apartment Skye was staying in!

Our second to last stop for the night was dinner. It was late and we were very hungry. It was the most adorable restaurant near the Eiffel Tower and we had the world’s greatest waiter. He was the sweetest man and just seemed to love us. Not to mention there was another couple (the man was American, I don’t know about his wife) and they were the most miserable people to him. It was annoying, but it made him like us even more and I was okay with that. I got a veal dinner with pasta, a glass of Chardonnay, nd for dessert, crème brulee! (I had to, I was in Paris!!) It was delicious.


After taking the metro back to our area, we stopped at the Moulin Rouge for some quick photos in the sex district before heading back to our hostel to sleep for a couple of hours before we had to get up for our flight home.

It was a short visit, but absolutely worth every second. I hope I can get back one day. I want to see the Louvre and everything else Paris has to offer. It was the first trip I took out of Italy and it was very exciting: 2 days I will never forget as long as I live. ❤

Paris Part 1!

Day 1

Here it is!!! I figured that since I am embarking on yet another trip tomorrow, and this one about 8 days longer than my Paris post, that it was time for me to get this one up!!

So Paris weekend came with unknown expectations. It was during my mundane period, so I was looking forward to a new and refreshing thing to get me excited again. However, I never really got the “ohmygodimgoingtoparis!!!” feeling as though I would have if it were a regular vacation. I had moments when it hit me, but it was usually quick and they were few and far between. Nonetheless, I was still looking forward to it. Not to mention, it was a weekend with my wife, who I haven’t seen nearly enough of.

We were dumb when we booked our flights and didn’t pay close enough attention to the times, so we had a VERY limited amount of time in Paris. So Friday morning, we met up at the school before heading for some pizza and to catch the subway to Termini Station. From there it was a bit of a challenge finding the shuttle that would take us to the airport, but we managed and were on our way. The plane ride was short, thank god, because Ryanair is damn annoying with the constant pushing of products during the flight. No I don’t want to buy food. No I don’t want to buy tickets to a Paris tour. No, I don’t need a new fragrance or makeup. Stop Ryanair, stop.

By the time we got there, it was dark and I was nervous, to say the least. After a minor freak out when our cards weren’t working to purchase bus tickets into the city, we managed to get tickets and boarded the bus to Paris. It was about an hour and 45 minute ride.. and we were exhausted. I kept getting more and more excited as we got closer, but also more and more nervous. We got to the station, had no idea where we were, no map, just the address to our hostel. In a fit of nervousness, I told Charlotte I didn’t want to mess around and wanted to just take a cab. Thank goodness we did. It would have been impossible to find.

We got to the hostel which was Woodstock themed, hence the name Woodstock Hostel, and checked in. We knew we weren’t

The lobby of our hostel! Not the greatest photo, but it captures the feel of it, I think.

going anywhere significant that night, so we just got settled before meeting up with our friend Sammy (who is studying in Rome with us and happened to go that weekend as well) and tried to find dinner somewhere. (It was like 10:30 pm or something??) We were lucky enough to pass some homeless people on our adventure who were doin the nasty on a mattress on the sidewalk to keep warm. Gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. Charlotte and Kat: Welcome to Paris.

We were so hungry and saw a place that had cheap burgers. Not exactly my dreamy French meal, but it was food and I enjoyed every second of my 5 euro burger with my 1.50 euro Fanta. We made our way back to the Hostel and settled in for our much needed night’s sleep. Tomorrow would be a jam packed day.


Day 2

So Day 2 got off to an early start, as we had planned. I was thrilled to take a shower in the hostel in which I couldn’t control the temperature and had to keep pushing a button to keep the water running, like the annoying sinks we all have to deal with in certain public locations. Pleasant. Really -_-

Our Hostel provided a breakfast, which consisted of some coffee, cereal, and croissants. Let me tell you, it was really great to be able to call them croissants again since, in Italy, they are called cornetti. Oh the simple pleasures.

Charlotte and I on our way up to the Basilica!

Charlotte and I on our way up to the Basilica!

Our first location would be the Basilique de Sacre Coeur. It was the closest to our hostel and was situated at the top of a hill, which we could see from afar. It looked beautiful so we made our way there first. The night before, we had mapped out the locations we would get to since we had such a limited amount of time: very good idea. The views of the city were really beautiful, not to mention it was still the morning, so the lighting was really lovely. The Basilica was gorgeous on the inside and out. We weren’t allowed to take photos (we tried anyway, but I only got one good creeper picture of the interior). It was really nice that it was a free admission. I am a cheapo after all, so I like hearing the word “free”.

Our next stop would be the Centre di Pompidou, a modern art museum that Charlotte really wanted to go to. This meant our first ride on the Paris metro. I swear, America needs to get on the bandwagon with the ease of use of our public transportation systems. Their metros are so much easier to navigate than ours. It was an easy ride to this location. Walking from the metro to the Centre proved to be the difficult part, apparently. There were street signs leading us away from what I was seeing on the map. You’d think Paris would have it together but, alas, I was right and the signs were wrong.

We got there and saw the lines out front. It took us a while to figure out what we would have had to do and we were pretty sure it meant standing on the growing line that didn’t move the entire time. Long story short. We didn’t go in and were disappointed.

DeliciousWe made our way towards Sainte-Chappelle, stopping along the bridge to take photos and then stopping for some lunch. I got two hot dogs on a baguette with melted cheese on top. It was beautiful and very delicious. Then began our waiting on line to get into Sainte-Chapelle. It was a long wait, but we were really happy to be surrounded by a very fun group… of Italians. When we are in Italy, to hear someone speaking English is terribly exciting. Sad, I know. When we were in Paris? Italian was music to our ears. We spent the whole time trying to figure out what they were saying and were doing a good job. When they realized we could understand them, we tried our best to communicate. It was one of my favorite parts of the day. They were so nice and SO friendly.

But what awaited us inside was even more special…Sainte Chapelle

Day 44 – Renewal

Ciao tutti! So I sit here at 6:10 in the evening here in my bedroom, officially done for Spring Break. No classes until March 11 for me and Spain only a couple of days away. I haven’t quite hit the “midpoint” of my time here quite yet, but it is fast approaching (one week exactly). 

The past couple of days have been quite hectic with the preparations for midterms. I was very lucky to only have one written exam that went pretty damn well, I think, and a few meager critiques. I know there were things I was incorrect with on the written one, but I left the exam feeling good about it all. It’s done and over with, so that is enough to leave me feeling happy haha.

There is a lot of work to be done in this second half of the semester. We were given two outside assignments for my Art History class (one of which requires we study the inside of the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel included, and the other the David when we go to Florence… damn.. what a chore :P). The real debby downer though, in all seriousness, is the 10 page paper we are going to have to write for that class. I am hoping I can motivate myself to start it early and get it done. There is no option for last minute since it is due the week of my birthday and a couple days after Amsterdam… yikes. Then I know things are getting kicked into high gear for my drawing class and the projects are continuing in Printmaking, so after break, I need to buckle down amidst my frolicking around Italy and Europe. 

However, I have a very renewed feeling about everything. It’s safe to say there was a lull but I feel excited for everything coming my way again. Think about it. These are the rest of my weekends here..

1. Spain

2. Spain.

3. Rome.

4. Florence

5. Rome for Easter.

6. Amsterdam.

7. Amalfi Coast.

8. Rome.

9. Home.

Uhm… WHAT THE HECK?!?! haha. This is so surreal!! But I am so excited for it all again. I am going to be one busy bee with classes, my workouts, travelling, and getting to everything in Rome that I want to before I head back to the States.

It’s true when they say a lifetime isn’t enough in this city.

But for now, it is about me enjoying every second, pushing my limits, and having the time of my life for the second half of this program and I am so ready for it. Tonight is my chill night: I plan on doing nothing but eating, relaxing, maybe blogging about Paris, and watching my tv shows. Tomorrow, I prep for Spain and Friday I am on my way to what will be my best Spring Break ever. I’ll blog before then but yeah. That’s the next couple of days.. 


Day 42 – another earlyintheday post.

So today has been a whirlwind and I am nowhere near done yet. However, from this point out, I can stay in one spot, which I am excited about haha. I’ll get sick of it soon enough, I suspect.

This morning started out with my midterm critique for Painting on Paper. I’m doing well so far cause she gave me an A for the first half of the semester (<– very weird to say). Woo! After everyone finished their one-on-one critiques with our teacher, we all made our way to the Brueghel Exhibit near Piazza Navona. It was another good moment when I realized I was leading the way there. I had been to the outside of the building where the exhibit was being held before and apparently remembered where to go!

It was a really great exhibit with works from the whole Brueghel family: very impressive, of course. They were the leaders of Flemish art and most of the work was really something wonderful. Not everything had me excited, but that’s art lol. It was a rushed visit to the museum though. Some people had class to get to and myself? I had a butt ton to accomplish during this afternoon so I could get where I am at the moment.

(I just got out of the shower and need to unwind a bit before I get back to my work, just an fyi).

After the exhibit, we all made our way back to the school. I was a dummy and didn’t get off at the stop that would have been most convenient for what I needed to get done. So  instead of getting off a few blocks away from the art store, I got off near the school, stopped in for a second, and made my way to the art store. I picked up paper and walked back to the school, ignoring my screaming tummy as well as I could.

Put my paper in to soak so I could do my printmaking assignments and made my way to the subway in order to get to the bookstore to pick up my art history book. *breath* Made it all the way there (after getting stuck behind really annoying and slow tourists at the Spanish Steps (I’m so stuck up and I love it!)) ANDDD they didn’t open until 3:30 – an hour and 15 minutes from the time I got there. -__-

“okay kat, just find a pizzeria and kill an hour or so until they open.”

Nope. I ended up walking back to the school (getting my pizza of course) and just finishing my prints instead of getting my book. I’ll get it tomorrow. Stupid little s**t. lol. Printmaking was smooth and I got the last print I needed for my midterm critique. Not to mention I had the studio to myself, so I was rockin out the whole time. I truly enjoy the work I do for that class and going to the studio to work on it is a pleasure. Thank goodness.

To make a long story longer, I made my way back home, stopped to get pasta (I’m so Italian hehe) and I just finished a less than satisfying workout. My head is telling me to keep going, keep pushing. But my body isn’t ready to comply yet. It’s setting a fire in me. and I WILL reach my goals.

Oh, I also printed out photos of Ronda Rousey. I wasn’t joking. Her perfectly sculpted arms and abs will get my lazy ass out of bed in the morning haha.

Now its time to get some dinner and get ready for a long night of drawing. Can’t say I am excited for it, but it has to be done.

One day closer to Spring Break.. I can do this!!! ❤

Ciao tutti!